Why Use an Agent?

If you are involved in the process of researching and booking your organisation's corporate hospitality and incentive rewards, you could well benefit from the services of an established agency for a number of positive reasons. 

Using an agency will often end up a more cost effective solution and at the same time saving yourself and colleagues hours of stressful research. 

As one of our clients recently said - 'Thank you so much for your suggestions and input for our recent day at Wimbledon. Without your help and guidance, we would not have known the best option for our CEO and guests who all had a great day. We'll be back next year! Thank you again'.     

Our top 10 advantages for using an events agency:

1. Planning events yourself is time consuming and even researching online takes time. Using an agency gives you that time back.

2. An established agency will take away the stress and provide peace of mind. 

3. Booking events online can often look 'to good to be true' until your tickets don't turn up on time or at all. An agency would know who to use and not use.

4. An established agency can be trusted to deliver, providing additional peace of mind. Important when entertaining your best clients or rewarding top performing employees. 

5. Thanks to their many years experience and contacts at venues and with suppliers, an agency will often get things done much quicker.   

6. An agency will know all about new events and facilities, the current availability and costings of a wide range of events, often at their fingertips.

7. An agency would be able to suggest the right events that meet your particular criteria on all fronts including budget.

8. An agency recognises that they're there to help, not take the credit. They should stay in the background while making sure everything runs smoothly making you look good.

9. Most good agencies will provide a single point of contact from planning to post-event analysis which helps simplify the relationship.

10. Often agencies would receive a commission from the event organiser or venue meaning you don't pay over the odds.

To take advantage of our extensive agency experience in planning for your future events, and at the same time save you time, stress and money, please contact us today.   

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